4D v17 R2

Top Features

v17r2 iOS

4D for iOS: Start with the Preview version today.

Easily extend your business applications to mobile.

Thanks to the possibility of creating native apps, elegant templates that fully follow Apple guidelines, and tools to test your iOS app on simulator or device, extending your applications to mobile is made easy, all within 4D

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v17r2 Write Pro

4D Write Pro: You asked, we delivered.

More functionalities for complex and appealing documents.

Speed up document creation for end-users with the new 4D Write Pro toolbar. Design on point and quick access delivers beautifully designed documents in record time. 

Enjoy more flexibility with 4D Write Pro and anchored image.

No more counting rows to check the size of a page or its orientation. Now, it’s fully automatic: Tables are dynamically split when a page or a column break occurs.

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v17r2 Multicores

4D Language: Your multi-cores will not sit idle.

Higher performance awaits you, with new thread-safe commands.

Take advantage of preemptive SOAP Web Services Server and Client for faster responses to simultaneous requests. Higher performance and more efficiency are the order of the day with these new thread-safe commands.

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v17r2 UI

UI: Small improvements, big impact.

New features for a better-shaped user experience.

File and folder dialogs for Windows users have been upgraded significantly. In addition to the fresh and clean UI, others changes include improved filtering, sorting, grouping, and stacking.
Thanks to character completion, brackets matching, and the user methods being displayed in the status bar, the Code Editor is getting more intuitive, easing your developer's daily work.

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