New in 4D v18 R3


The 4D Language. Expand your programming horizons.

Further into the Object-Oriented world and more.

To help you write modular, reusable, and easily maintainable code, the 4D language has taken a giant leap with the introduction of  Classes.

An  object-oriented  concept that enables segmenting your code into bite-sized portions so they can be solved one object at a time. A seamless and intuitive coding experience awaits you.

If you are an ORDA enthusiast, we have some thrilling news for you: You can have an up-to-date datastore automatically without needing to restart the database ... even if the structure has been updated. Additionally, a single line of code is all you need to select  rows for an entity selection.

Are you among the XML users that have requested features such as using a wildcard in a path? If you are, then you're going to be pleased because XPath  support has been greatly enhanced to simplify your searches. Now hunting for node attributes and their values is not only possible but MUCH easier.

Along with these innovations, many other advances are also available! For example, you can take advantage of new method and components documentation capabilities and enjoy quick access to detailed information about them, and be sure to check out how to use an offscreen web area on a headless server to load web pages, extract metadata, or generate pictures! 

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4D Server administration. Monitoring made easy.

Even more to keep an eye on your server.

The 4D Server's monitoring set has been upgraded with an additional feature. Now you can see all operations whose execution exceeds a specified time, as well as relevant details about the tables, fields, and clients involved. This feature not only makes all of this possible, but it also makes it easier to optimize your code, identify problems, and liberate your 4D Server resources!

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4D Web Server. Manage as many as you wish.

One instance. multiple web servers.

Split your web application code into multiple business units, and separate the administrator’s web server from the user’s. And that's not all! You're free to run older code (that's not yet preemptive-ready) in a separate instance, to allow the main part to run preemptively. This is all thanks to the ability to run multiple web servers in a single 4D instance.

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4D Write Pro. New options for new possibilities.

Increasing capabilities to offer even more.

The development possibilities continue to grow with  additional  standard actions  being added to the 4D Write Pro interface. Manage tables, rows, and cells with ease. Define a table’s border, a cell’s background color, the vertical alignment of the text in a row, as well as the alignment of the table itself in the document... just to name a few.  Your 4D Write Pro documents can be  fully or partially protected. This makes it possible for you to ensure that none of the information in your document is altered or changed in any way by preventing users from accidentally modifying a particular document, for example. Your 4D Write Pro documents  can be used as  input forms, and most importantly... what's been marked as protected remains protected.

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4D for iOS. Get a head start on your mobile app design.

Take advantage of a plethora of ready-to-use templates.

Need some help getting started with your app's user interface? In addition to the various built-in 4D for iOS templates for list and detail forms, you have even more options with 40+ ready-to-use templates. In just a single click, you can download them directly from the project editor and use them as a starting point to make your perfect custom app.

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4D View Pro. For more engaging documents.

More options to customize worksheets.

Create  user-friendly documents  with finely tuned  4D View Pro worksheets. Hide a gridline or header, protect specific cells, or simply change the line color to correspond to your corporate graphic charter. All this and more can be done in the blink of an eye!

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