Why 4D

Simplicity and Performance

4D is an incredibly productive development platform that lets you focus on your data model and your business rules. The 4D framework takes care of running your application code natively on macOS and Windows.
4D Server runs your applications simultaneously on desktop/mobile clients, and on the web. You can deploy fully-personalized applications under your own brand.


At every stage of your project, 4D provides tools to simplify and accelerate development. You and your end users get direct access to software/module integrations, a powerful, intuitive language, and programmable word processing and spreadsheet software fully integrated into the database. Work more efficiently and significantly reduce the time it takes to deliver your applications.

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Time to Market

Deliver products in record time and react quickly to changing business needs. This agility allows you to reduce time to market, be incredibly flexible, and easily fulfill your customers’ and users’ expectations.

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Make your business mobile and deploy your application on smartphones, tablets, the web, or desktops. 4D is a multiplatform environment for macOS and Windows. Develop your projects and deploy them to the environments of your choice with minimum effort. Focus on what matters: creating solutions for your users and customers.

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Thanks to its highly efficient development environment and an extremely low cost of administration, 4D is the most cost-effective development and deployment platform on the market. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, 4D offers you the best price model to fit your needs.
4D lowers your costs… in all areas.

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Your applications scale as you grow, accommodating an increasing number of users. Take advantage of an ultra-fast database engine and leverage the power of today’s hardware to support hundreds of desktop users and thousands of web and mobile users.

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Secure and safe

Protect and centralize your data on 4D servers. Secure your key information by encrypting network communications and deploying a flexible authentication mechanism. A transaction-based logging system and a built-in backup engine, combined with a mirror system, make 4D a robust and secure platform… 24/7.

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Develop a high-performance, robust, and scalable business application in record time.


Control your operating costs with reduced maintenance and simplified administration, allowing you to focus on integrating new features.


An open platform that fits perfectly into your existing infrastructure and is compatible with industry standards.


A dedicated account manager available at any time. A support program, a preferential relationship, and exclusive services.


A team of experts at your side to support you and help you capitalize on business opportunities.


Passionate developers on five continents, events, and conferences to learn and share.


Continuous technological innovations to meet the constantly changing needs of your markets.


4D’s global network supports you as you expand into international markets.


A sustainable environment that has won over thousands of developers and millions of users for more than 30 years

Get personalized advice

Request contact with a 4D expert who will listen to your needs and provide advice or recommend an existing turnkey 4D solution developed by one of our partners.

Solid experience and a vision for the future

Innovating to stay ahead of the curve: 4D draws its expertise from its ability to innovate and anticipate the needs of its customers and the market.

Top reasons to choose 4D