New in 4D v18 R4


The 4D Language. It keeps getting better.

New possibilities for your 4D applications.

Develop business-oriented code to hide complexity, reduce errors, smoothly onboard new team members, and speed up the development process thanks to ORDA data classes.

Write less code and enjoy a more intuitive coding experience with the new declaration syntax that greatly enhances autocompletion when declaring variables.

Take advantage of the new CryptoKey class for protecting the confidentiality of your data and verifying the integrity of messages, as well as authenticating senders.

As if these advances weren't enough, the 4D developer toolkit is also bursting with new features for your project applications: the ability  to develop, fine-tune, and debug code that runs on the server, out-of-the-box support of CORS protocol (to enjoy HTTP requests with no restrictions), easy code access to the values of form objects, dynamically grant user permissions, ... just to name a few.

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4D for iOS. Advanced features to go even further.

Enabling you To build rich mobile apps.

Monitor app access and verify the legitimacy of the person trying to log in with email authentication.
Discover how to draft push notifications to boost user engagement, experience, and retention.
Explore the additional flexibility 4D for iOS offers with detail form templates and learn how to expand the possibilities to create the perfect custom app!

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4D Write Pro. You asked for it, you got it.

New capabilities to Meet your needs.

Export your documents directly in PDF format without installing any print drivers or additional software. The cherry on top? In addition to supporting hyperlinks, you can also optimize image size and more!
You asked for it and once again, 4D delivered! Import and export different document formats via the 4D Write Pro widget. A new tab is available in the 4D Write Pro widget interface allowing you to do so.

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4D View Pro. Continuously moving forward.

Additional commands for better interaction with your documents.

Make your UI more interactive by triggering formula calculations whenever you want, and create more user-friendly interfaces with the ability to merge and unmerge multiple cells. Want to dynamically generate 4D View Pro documents on a server and, for example, send them by email or calculate values? Then you'll be happy because you can manipulate 4D View Pro areas and commands … offscreen!

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List boxes. No additional licenses for advanced features.

Get the most out of list boxes.

Nothing stands between you and taking advantage of list boxes that can automatically adapt the height of each row to its content. Large text blocks or images are fully displayed, resulting in a clean and well-designed user interface. Interested? No additional licensing is required!

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