New in 4D v18 R6


Going mobile made easy.

Be productive. Anywhere.

The new capabilities in this release make it ideal for mobile teams in the field. For instance, get your customer signatures after a package delivery with the ability to sign with a fingertip, and turn your iPhone into a barcode scanner to manage your inventory.

Go the extra mile and deliver 4D for iOS apps with better than ever ergonomics thanks to Many to Many relations support and keep your app users engaged with instant UI updates providing them with real-time data that they can check upon receiving a notification.

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Email. Packed with more possibilities.

Create. Secure. Manage.

Smoothly integrate your solution with other email clients with a set of functions to manage IMAP flags. Be in line with new email providers' security measures thanks to the support of OAuth 2.0 for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.

And in case your customers are expecting to get a copy of their messages in the “Sent” mailbox displayed by Outlook or Apple Mail when sending emails from 4D, this feature release allows you to create them.

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4D Write Pro. We heard you.

Produce documents faster. And easier.

Many UI enhancements are available to help you to style your documents AND respect time constraints.

The 4D Write Pro toolbar and sidebar continue to grow with more functionalities: you can increment or decrement text, copy/paste the ruler, change the background color of a paragraph change the style of a word (uppercase, lowercase, etc.).

Want more? The source code is available on GitHub. Feel free to adapt it to suit your needs!

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Developer-friendly tooling.

Build. Debug. Scale. And more.

More useful 4D View Pro events for headless mode, new tools for searching and comparing strings, extra information in the code editor to speed up the coding process, additional information in the debugger to for better code analysis and debugging, scalable web sessions for advanced web applications and better scaling. And more!

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4D Data Explorer. All you need is a web browser.

Visualize. explore. Investigate.

Visualize your 4D application data immediately and easily in a web browser while you update or create it, and quickly investigate it if things go awry.

With a modern, user-friendly interface, the Data Explorer gives you everything you need to get immediate insight into your data with no need for a Web Server license.

4D v18 R6 includes a preview, not feature complete. Much more to come in future versions.

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