• All about running methods on the server

    In a client/server system, it can be useful to move a client-side process to the server to be run server-side. Different options then become available for developers who can build synchronous or asynchronous solutions (...)

  • Out of the box client/server optimizations with ORDA

    Explore the built-in ORDA client/server optimizations.
    Using ORDA to access large tables (especially tables with relations) in client/server mode has been greatly enhanced with 2-3xs improved LAN performance and up to 30xs faster WAN performance.

  • The fundamentals of ORDA (Object Relational Data Access)

    Do you have a good understanding of objects? Then you’re all set to get the most out of this session.

  • Is your application ready for ORDA (Object Relational Data Access)?

    Find out which elements to check so you can get started faster.

  • Objects for beginners: Everything you need to know about objects in 4D

    Learn the fundamental aspects of objects so you can put them to optimal use. Objects are very flexible and unbelievably fast. Objects are very flexible and unbelievably fast.

  • Introduction to extending data classes

    Discover how you can extend data classes to create business functions to meet your specific needs. Data classes come with many perks to enhance the way you write code: hide complexity, reduce errors, and speed up the development process.